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Nikki and Britney's journey to founding Iconiq Lab is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and a shared vision for a more genuine and inspired business world.


Nik was at a crossroads with her photography venture, Shotsbynik, having ventured fully into the realm of self-employment eight months prior. The journey was challenging, and she was teetering on the edge of returning to the corporate grind, just $1,000 shy of admitting defeat. 


Britney's influence shimmered on her horizon during this pivotal moment, thanks to a recommendation from a fellow photography friend. Britney, a business coach known for her transformative VIP sessions, offered a sanctuary for entrepreneurs to reinvent their business blueprint. Yet, the $5,000 price tag for a day of one-on-one business makeover was just beyond Nik's strained budget.


Undeterred, Nik proposed a barter: her branding photography expertise in exchange for Britney's coveted VIP day. Despite initial reservations from past barter experiences, Britney agreed, swayed by Nik's portfolio and her need for authentic brand representation through photography. This collaboration didn't just mark the turning point for Nik's business; it sparked a friendship built on mutual respect, shared passions for business, food, and fitness, and a deep-seated desire to create something truly inspiring.


As their friendship blossomed, so did their professional frustrations. Despite their success, Nik and Britney often found themselves uninspired by the monotonous trends saturating their projects. In a landscape where originality seemed scarce, and everyone seemed to echo the same aesthetic, they craved something more—a business that resonated with culture, authenticity, and the vibrant energy of 90's hip hop and R&B. This shared vision sparked the inception of Iconiq Lab, a creative agency dedicated not just to the craft but to curating a roster of clients whose brands embody the essence of culture and vibe they so passionately sought.


Iconiq Lab was born from a desire to revolutionize the branding landscape, merge nostalgia with modernity, and champion authenticity in an era dominated by fleeting trends. Nik and Britney envisioned a space where business owners could reconnect with the past's simplicity, where success hinged on genuine human connections and products spoke for themselves. Iconiq Lab stands as a testament to their journey, a beacon for brands eager to carve out their unique space in the market by leaning into their originality and embracing the rich legacy of black culture and the timeless appeal of 90's music.


Through Iconiq Lab, Nik and Britney are rewriting the rules of branding, one authentic, vibe-infused project at a time!


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